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The story so far

We started Eccellio in March 2008, at the beginning we codenamed our project "Goomatrix" because its close relationship with Google approach. We started to think how to improve the Google searches by adding few levels of classifications (slices). Then we decided to add more and more classifications in order to have a wide range of possibility to easily refine users' searches:  able to find more, writing less. 


March 2008
  • First version of Goomatrix engine
  • First prototype with the Astronomy classification only
September 2008
  • Built the technical team
  • Extension of the project by adding more and more level of classifications
  • Goomatrix rebranded in Eccellio
December 2008
  • Added new filters for languages, file-types, domains (left and right menu)
  • First internal conference: strategy to move Eccellio from the prototype status 
April 2009
June 2009
October 2009
  • Two new filters by domain have been added (51 new country-domains and 6 top level domains)
November 2009
  • Eccellio Arts  go live -
  • Brand new look go live (new UI, new logos and Goomatrix major update to v2.0)
December 2009
January 2010
  • Launched feature that allows to self add a new web-site to Eccellio

For further info, have a look of our News Center.

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