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The technology behind Eccellio

We think Eccellio is more beautiful inside than outside. The technology behind Eccellio is simple and linear as well. As today we have developed two core modules:  Goomatrix and Yoomster. The Goomatrix engine is our proprietary Semantic Spider engine that crawls the Web to build our powerful filters. Yoomster is a powerful Caching engine that gives you the ability to easily perform your fast searches on Eccellio. As you may know we use Google as main search engine plus our powerful filters made available by Goomatrix and Yoomster, our best technology. Currently we offer filters for 4 millions of websites. This is the best on the Web, without junk. With Eccellio you are indeed able to find more, writing less.

Following we report a simple diagram that shows basically the Eccellio’s architecture.

Eccellio architecture

GAT (Goomatrix Admin Tool) are a set of tools to administer our Goomatrix engine, while GAR (Goomatrix API for Retrieve) is an API layer to interact with our engine.

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